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  1. Hi -

    Looking for WMC replacement ideas and I am out of date when it comes to what is out there today.

    The short story:
    Back in 09 I cut cable and went with WMC+xbox360 (computer stayed in bedroom/server room, xbox in den)

    This worked well and over the years stayed the same until I started using Kodi in replace of the xbox .

    This was even better as I could expand to other rooms without buying another xbox .

    All great until a few days ago when the win machine died. I believe the internal sata controllers went back.

    Last night i picked up a ematic dvr at walmart. It is fine for a temporary solution but it got me thinking how much things have evolved over the past few years.

    I can replace the win 7 box but wondering if there is something out there better nowdays? Mabye something like the ematic - stand alone recorder but with network access so it can stay in my server room and stream to kodi in the den.

    Just looking for ideas.....

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    For a premium networked stand-alone hardware DVR, maybe a Tablo? Also See:, However, you do need a guide data subscription to get the most out of your Tablo.
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  3. Thank you!

    I will check this one out...
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