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  1. I bought this new mp3 player:
    for $1.93 including shipping. It does not contain memory, but I had a 4GB micro SD card from a discarded cell phone. The memory card conveniently plugs flush into the side of the mp3 player. The special thing about this player is that it has 100% gapless playback between split files. For example, I might record or download a one hour audio show. I use a software such as Mp3
    Splitter and Joiner to instantly split the one hour file into (for example) 5 minute sections. So in this case I get about 12 files.These files, when put into a folder will play in order, and go to the next file without any pause or delay between files. (Gapless playback was a rare phenomenon back around 2006 when mp3 players were very popular.) This is useful because I can use the "next" button on the mp3 player to quickly advance 5 minutes. I also can use the fast forward or fast reverse and scan through 5 minutes in about 15 seconds. It makes it easy to skip over and locate any part of the one hour audio program. The buttons on the mp3 player can be accessed without looking at them, useful if you are on a bicycle or walking. The display on the unit shows the song title, the ordinal number of the song playing, elapsed time and battery charge level. The only problem ( and I guessed this before I bought it) is to keep the cost low, the tiny internal rechargeable battery only will play for about 90 minutes before recharging. So I glued on a small cell phone battery from a discarded cell phone to the back of the unit. The unit is very easy to open (two screws) and I removed the internal battery and added some wire and drilled two small holes for the external wire. Now, the mp3 player will play for over 60 hours on a charge. Audio quality is very good.
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