Hello everybody, I want to start making pickup / prank videos like this one Ė https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mj_Qx0Lhwlk Ė and Iíve some questions.

1) I like ZOOM H1, I like how it records sound in loud environment (clubs etc). For example I was using my Xiaomi Redsmi 3S phone and sound was a mess: https://goo.gl/XsiS8n I like the battery and I like how it saves the file even when memory is full. But I donít like this device size. So I have two questions:

- is there any smartphone or some more portable recorder that has similar to ZOOM quality?

- I found ZOOM iQ8 and Shure MV88, but I donít like iPhones and I donít want to buy myself one. Is there any way how I could use it on Android? For example if I buy some kind of cable? Or does it depend on iOS software?

2) My goal is to record dialogues in loud environment Ė clubs, street etc. What would be better option in terms of quality: just ZOOM H1 or ZOOM H1 and lav mic?

3) How do I remove clothing rustle when I move? For example if I put my ZOOM into my jeans pocket then when I walk there is a lot of rustle. But when I watch Youtube videos I donít see this kind of issue. How they do it?


This dude is walking but there is no rustle at all.