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  1. Hello, dear community.

    I am so glad, that I found this place, VideoHelp.
    Finally, I found a forum, which truly matches my interests.
    Since childhood, I was highly interested into these topics.
    In my childhood, I tried crazy things such as pressing down the closing interlocker of a CD player cover, fooling it into being closed, despite the cover is still opened. I could change CDs to see, how CD players deal with false TOC information. One of many experiments I enjoy doing.

    Additionally, I have a ton of questions about discs, camcorders, firmwares and other things that nobody has ventured to ask before.
    I am very inquisitive. I also asked myself, whether audio can be stored on a CDDA pre-gap and where the disc drive sounds come from, or why a 2160p@30fps (e.g. most 4K Android smartphones) camcorder with 248832000 Pixels per second is unable to capture 1080p at 120fps + why some camera manufacturers do not know, that HFR video should be saved in real-time with same framerate as sensor output and with sound to be treated as usual video so that it is more versatile for power-users. Things, that almost nobody else than me cares about.

    Fact about me: I was capable of communing with CD/DVD players aged 3 years. Kindergarten educators were frightened, that I could break something. Aged 7 years, I found my passion of disc authoring. I consider all-in-one toolbox boot discs such as HBCD/UBCD as highly enjoyable.
    Ah yes, I am terrified about disc decay and closed-source abandonware without/with inferior alternatives.
    These are just some random facts.

    My first question is, whether the RedBook TOC and the subcode of a disc (e.g. positioning information such as playback track/time) can be spoofed manually. Then, I can test, how much a disc player relies on TOC.
    Some old CD/DVD players are unable to fast forward/rewind MP3/WMA (Ogg, OPUS, FLAC by XiPH is superiour) files due to missing positioning information and system ressources. Others do not play WAV files, despite they are PCM, just like CDDA. I sometimes ask myself things like that. Even Quora users answering my questions (using Daniel Blackwhit's account) can sometimes not explain properly.

    One of my CD-Rs became unreadable due to a damaged TOC (some computers detect it as CDDA, but first four seconds are unplayable. That was probably the TOC information.) That's the reason why quick-formatted CD-RWs can not be recovered. | I wish, there was a forensic disc drive with RAW AFF imaging and full file system access. Between PiO and DMA, even the latter one can not help with quick-formatted RW recovery.

    Great thanks, everybody. I would appreciate an interested community.
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    Spoofing the TOC is how many "cd copy protections" from that era were able to force certain CD-ROM interactions, but it also makes them not fully Red Book or Yellow Book compliant, and thus not properly playable on many machines. Thus all those have seemingly been abandoned (that plus there isn't the necessity for CP with CD media any more because of less demand overall). Ingenious, but ultimately a BAD IDEA.

    Red Book PCM tracks are NOT equal to WAV files, only equivalent.
    Most obvious difference is that CDDA uses Motorola (big endian) byte order and WAV uses Intel (little endian) byte order.
    CDDA is raw, WAV is packetized and with headers, metadata, etc.
    STD CDDA must be stereo/dual ch 16bit, 44.1kHz LPCM, WAV can be that and much more.

    Isobuster sector copy should be able to recover from bad CD-RWs.

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