Hello everyone. Forgive me if this has been asked but I am having difficulty reinstalling DVD Architect that comes with the Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum set I have. When I attempt to punch in the serial number for DVD Architect I keep getting this popup box.

[Attachment 41955 - Click to enlarge]

However it is not a trial version I am trying to install, its from the included disc. Just so everyone knows this is the second time I have attempted to install this program. I was successful with my first attempt a few months ago with the help of this thread.


However I now need to reinstall the program but the resolution from the Vegas thread does not work this time because when I go into the WOW6432Node folder in REGEDIT the Sony Creative Software folder is not there.

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Today I even deleted every trace of DVD Architect from my computer I could find hoping that reinstalling it would restore the folder I need to remove to override this. No luck. Folder was still missing from the registry. I have contacted support for MAGIX and SONY and both have yet to respond to me. Not looking good folks.

So any advice on this?? Im considering upgrading to another version of the program but if I could fix the issue with this version that would be better. Should I possibly uninstall Vegas Movie Studio from my computer as well?? I hadn't bothered to do that since presently that program still works fine and technically that and DVD Architect are installed separately.