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  1. I have a film which has been split into two files - dimensions etc are identical. Is there any way to script the creation of a clip which contains a section from each file? Thank you.
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  2. Thanks, sneaker. I need further help, though. This is how I would make a clip from a video:

    a=FFVideoSource("E:\part1.wmv", fpsnum=30000, fpsden=1001, threads=1)

    I've googled AlignedSplice but can't find any examples of a complete script. You'll note that I use MegUI which requires that the original video be indexed. That's my first problem if I index 'part1' and 'part2' separately, which of the two scripts created do I use for AlignedSplice?

    Assuming I can get part1 and part2 scripted and loaded correctly, my next issue is getting the clips I want. I found this example:
    clipOne = Trim(0, -1000)
    clipTwo = Trim(1500, 3000)
    AlignedSplice(clipOne, clipTwo)
    However, it seems to be for joining two whole clips. I want a bit of 'part1' and a bit of 'part2'. Over the past year or so, I've got my head around a number of avisynth features (deinterlacing, colour correction, fading) but this one has me stumped. If anyone can draft me a script I'd be truly grateful. Thank you.
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  3. Got it!! And all thanks to the ever-excellent hello_hello whose post from 3.3.13 I happened across:

    " can create a script to encode each of the source files seperately, then use the AVISynth import function to import them and join them together as a single encode. Assuming you have two scripts such as "video 1.avs" and "video 2.avs", you'd manually create a script to import and join them, then use MeGUI to encode the manually created script. The new script might look like this:
    Import("D:\video 1.avs") ++ Import("D:\video 2.avs")"

    Works like a charm. Thanks, hello_hello.
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  4. I'm glad it helped.

    Although chances are if it was originally a single file that's been split into sections, rejoining them first would have been easier, because then you could just encode it as a single file.
    MKVToolNix is probably the easiest tool to use for that as it'll open lots of fie types, it has an append function and it'll output the appended files as a single MKV.
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  5. Yes, toolnix is very handy and has often helped me out with 'difficult' files that won't work properly in other apps. I know it's probably irrational but I'm averse to putting files through too many processes - I knew I could join my two parts but wanted to avoid that if possible. And it's always good to discover something new...

    As a matter of interest, where is the FadeIn etc function within AviSynth? I was thinking of changing the default fade time but I seem to have nothing in my AviSynth folder.
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  6. Originally Posted by pooksahib View Post
    As a matter of interest, where is the FadeIn etc function within AviSynth?
    It's built in.
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  7. Thanks, that's what I was thinking.
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