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  1. Newbie with a question here.

    eBay and other sources sell HDMI "Game Recorders," ostensibly for saving video games with the player's actions, and even provide a microphone input for a running narrative. These are priced anywhere from $50 to $150. What exactly are these devices? Do they play back as well, that's not clear in the descriptions. These boxes claim to record with 1080p resolution onto a USB flash or external hard drive in MP4 format. With regard to DHCP, what happens when you run your cable/satellite box, Roku or DVD/BluRay through one of these... will it record? What are the limitations, and what are some alternatives, preferably standalone HDMI recorders that don't require a PC? Thanks!
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  2. They are HDMI capture devices from random Chinese manufacturers, some of which let you record HDCP-encrypted content. Some require special firmware to do this, I believe.

    They tend to record 1080i60 as 1080p30, so they are rather useless when the source is a cable box.

    Alternatives that don't require a PC: there are none in the same price range or with the same features.
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  3. Thanks for that, vaperon; I have a lot to learn. A friend, now unfortunately deceased, was able to record most anything in any format... off air/cable, DVDs, BluRays, streaming content... seemingly effortlessly and was able to convert it to MP4 or other format. Not sure how he did it, but I know he was an avid Linux fanatic. I'll keep lurking here and reading others' posts and will get it eventually, I'm sure.
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    Usually they capture/record the uncompressed HDMI/DVI/DP streams. Most play back. All legit ones will NOT record copy-protected material (you mean HDCP, not DHCP which has to do with computer IP assignment).
    Input capabilities vary greatly along with price.
    Your friend may have been bypassing HDCP, etc, which in the US is considered illegal by the powers that be. Ymmv.
    If your friend could cap all those formats he used more than one method/device.

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    to record tv or dvd you will need hdcp crack there are 12$ andHDMI "Game Recorders this should work!

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    this should do the trick
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