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  1. I did a search and I haven't really found any details anywhere. I have a DVP-S530D, and it has the same service/diag mode as the S535D for sure, and it may resemble other models.

    I think its very cool how it shows laser usage and everything, but I didn't find anything I could really adjust aside from the real technical stuff like laser tilt, etc.

    Is there anything worth doing in there? Do any settings have a positve effect on VCD/CDRW playback or even DVD playback.

    Any ideas or links to info would be greatly appreciated! Check out the "hack" section for this player model if you're not sure how to access the menu already.
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    Don't mess around with the service menus unless you know what you're doing. I wrecked my sony dvp-325 by doing this. There is nothing worth doing there except for re-adjusting the player's laser every now and then If it has problems playing discs. But select automatic laser re-adjustment, DON'T USE MANUAL!
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  3. Good to know! Thanks so much for the warning.

    It's probably best if I avoid the service menu then, as I indeed *don't* know what I'm doing!
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