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  1. Hi everyone!
    I need to choose lenses for my A7s to shoot a video like this:
    But I am not sure which focal length I need.
    I think I need a telephoto like Sony 85 1.8. And then smth wide like 16-35 f4. Or just 35 1.8.
    I have a low budget so the choice is not wide.

    Please help me.
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  2. It is very possible that something similar to all three of the lenses you mentioned were used to shoot that commercial, perhaps more. Also, it may or may not have been shot with an FX camera like the Sony A7 or Canon 5d series: many commercials like this are shot with rented RED rigs that use a smaller sensor size and different focal lengths to achieve the same look. In terms of your A7:

    The overheads of the cars in traffic show slight tele compression, so maybe an 85mm or longer lens there. The woman at her mirror definitely looks like a 50 or 85. The man running up to the townhouse at the end appears to have a wider perspective: could be as mild as 35, could be a shorter zoom like 16-35.

    Few of the better Sony-native lenses are budget priced, and for video you'll want at least two focal lengths if not a zoom. You'd also want to read reviews by videographers, who can tip you off to the pros and cons of each lens (some are optimized for stills work but balky for video, others handle video and stills more equally). Also be wary of significant sample variation: the Zeiss name is no guarantee of consistent quality control in the Sony AF series. For example, you have a better chance of getting an excellent copy of the Sony-branded 28mm f/2 than you do of the Sony-Zeiss 35mm f/2.8. The Zeiss "independent" E-mount lenses in their Milvus or Batis lineup are mfrd to somewhat stricter standards than the Sony-marketed Zeiss designs (of course, $$$).

    It isn't unusual for videographers to skip modern lenses in favor of vintage manual-focus, mechanical aperture ring lenses mounted on their Sony or Canon via adapters. Prices of second-hand 70's-'80s era manual glass from Nikon, Canon, Contax, Pentax, Konica and Minolta have been steadily climbing the past few years, but can still be half the going rate for current AF or MF lenses.
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    It backs to your needs, but 35 1.8. is already fine
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