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  1. I'd like to rip my library of episodic TV DVD's to MKV or MP4 files that include all audio tracks and subtitles to play back using VLC. I came across a product that claims to do just that called Dimo Video Converter Ultimate and was wondering if anyone had any experience with it or perhaps another (better) product? I did a search for it on the forums but couldn't find anything. Thx!
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  2. No, no one has used that. And why should they when there are freeware products available? If you want the quality unchanged and the episodes just repackaged as MKV, then MakeMKV is what you want. Here's a guide:
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  3. Thx but I'm also looking to keep the multiple audio track and subtitle info. I don't think your solution does that.
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  4. Well, I can't say that I've done it but the guide says:

    Retain Original Video/Audio: Yes
    At the MakeMKV website it says:

    Since all meta information is preserved in MKV and compressed media data (video, audio, subtitles) is not changed in any way it is always possible to transcode MKV files into original format.

    On that same site they have a tutorial specifically showing 4 audio tracks and three subtitle tracks for you to keep or not:

    So, I expect it can do what you want. But you'll never know unless you try. And if it doesn't, you'll be out ... what? 10 minutes or so? Others that have used it for what you're trying to do might see the thread and chime in.
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    MakeMKV gives you full control over audio and subtitle streams. Here's a screen shot from their website:

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  6. . I don't think your solution does that.
    It does.

    Your DVD may be authored in one of three ways:

    - Each episode is a title in it's own titleset
    - Each episode is a title in the same titleset
    - Each episode is a chapter in the same title

    For the later use MKVToolnix to split the file from MakeMKV.

    Click image for larger version

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  7. Thx, guys. I'll check it out.
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  8. Eureka! MakeMKV BETA does indeed do all you guys said. One odd thing though. One of my DVD's has some bonus data consisting of two audio interviews with a slide show. Those don't show up in the content - just the two episodes which round off the disc.
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  9. If the video is just a slide show there's a chance it fell below the minimum length to be kept. I expect there's a way to adjust that and if you can't find it, someone else will surely know.

    The log should have some information about what was and was not kept. Check the log portion of the picture JVRaines posted above for an example.
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