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    Hi All
    Potplayer is my preferred media player
    Hoping I can find somebody here who is very familiar with this player
    I have many videos recorded from TV some are in HD and some have 6 channel audio (AC3)
    All play brilliantly through potplayer including subtitles
    My laptop is connected (HDMI) to my HDTV
    HDTV has no audio out and sound card on laptop only does 2 channel audio
    Thinking of purchasing external USB sound card that has 5.1 optical out to connect to my receiver amp (no hdmi on amp)
    Is it a simple setting in potplayer to enable the playing of the 6 channel (5.1) audio (receiver amp) when my videos are played ?
    Basically I would like it to reproduce the audio same as the source audio as some is 2 channel and some is 6 channel
    Warning ! the settings in potplayer are to me like a foreign language so any explanation would have to be very layman (thanks)
    Any advice appreciated
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    I haven't used PotPlayer in awhile. Having said that, you could change the audio output device in Windows, or most media players have the option to select the output device as well (which will bypass the Windows settings).
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