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  1. I'm trying to download a stream from (French VPN required to access).

    Using both URLSnooper and HDS Link Detector gives the manifest URL:

    Trying to download this directly using livestreamer (by prefacing the URL with hds://) gives this error: "error: This manifest requires the 'pvswf' parameter to verify the SWF".

    Now, HDS Link Detector, as part of its attempt to give me an AdobePHP command (which has its own problems), gives me this auth token:

    "pvtoken=exp%3D9999999999%7Eacl%3D%252f%252a%7Edat a%3DZXhwPTE0OTcyMDE0NzV+YWNsPSUyZip+ZGF0YT1wdmMsc3 5obWFjPWQzZTUzZmU5YTJhMDg3Y2I0N2RhNjI4Y2ZjYTU0MTQ3 NTY4NDM5NTQxZjkxMjFkOGM3NjA3MzIzNWU3YjU5Mjk%3D%21V MDyitlpwrkBYLvGBUZHtLl7f/lHc1eEiIMQg0EOxC8%3D%7Ehmac%3DE46E8755646D5B4A8773 C0AF0312BA76B7C91AF75371774E9E70D9B1BF3A2A21&hdntl =exp=1497201475~acl=%2fz%2fstreaming-adaptatif_france-dom-tom%2fevt%2fpf-sport%2f2017%2f06%2f127941-1497002400-1-,2176k,304k,576k,832k,1500k,.mp4.csmil*~data=hdntl ~hmac=f0bf74a7ae79c227803744831870c809c57b6c403420 d7a656afe911dfe3bba0&audiotrack=0:fra:Francais&als =0,3,NaN,1,0,NaN,0,0,0,102,f,0,16943.25,f,s,DJYRWW NJLYIS,3.10.0,102&hdcore=3.10.0&plugin=aasp-" --useragent "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/58.0.3029.110 Safari/537.36"

    I can't figure out how to give this token to livestreamer, though. It certainly doesn't work as a pvswf argument. (By the way, I think access to the manifest and the token both time out after a while, so neither is likely to still be valid.)
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  2. Tubedigger ($15) with vpn got it. 4hour42min video.
    I had to get the smallest resolution (320x180) for time constraint.
    Link to video:
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