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  1. ffmpeg.exe −i 1% −ab 384k xxx.mp3

    what is the command option for a veriable bit rate, instead of a fixed one, to make a mp3?

    something like this
    ffmpeg.exe −i 1% −abvar 190k xxx.mp3 causes it to fuctuate around 190k
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    ffmpeg.exe −i 1% -vn -c:a libmp3lame -abr 1 -b:a 192k xxx.mp3

    for average bit rate.

    ffmpeg.exe −i 1% -vn -c:a libmp3lame -q 2 xxx.mp3

    for full vbr mode, q is from 0-9, 0 being best quality, and 9 worst.
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  3. ffmpeg.exe −i 1% -vn -c:a libmp3lame -q 2 xxx.mp3 worked as i wanted, thanks and thanks for this too.

    i need to ask few things to remove some loose ends.

    1. -qscale was found in video option in the document, but i suppose it would work for audio as well.
    2. -qscale:a, can i interpret this as a quality control for audio ? since it came with :a

    3. -codec option is not found in document, documemt only has -vcodec or -acodec

    i found the option in
    -c[tream_specifier] codec
    -codec[tream_specifier] codec

    4. why is -q:a 2 the same as -q 2?
    5. -vn disable video, would this option encode it faster?
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  4. Stop saying "in the document". We have no idea what document you are talking about.

    2. Yes.
    3. Already told you: -vcodec and -acodec are deprecated. They mean(t) the same as -c:v/-codec:v and -coded:a
    4. see 2.
    5. No. If you specifiy "xxx.mp3" output file ffmpeg already knows you don't want video because mp3 is implicitly audio-only. If you specify an output format that can hold video (e.g. "xxx.mkv") then it will make a difference.
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  5. ffmpeg.exe came with these documents

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