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  1. Hello, dear all.

    How do you save / export / import passwords from Firefox / Chrome on PC or notebooks?

    I have some passwords from sites using that web browsers.

    And I want to back up them into txt / xml or other extension files. To keep them safe outside PC, in case I need to recover them.

    Plus, if I need to change from one PC I can safely import & export those password to another computer.

    And from Chrome's passwords to Firefox's and vice-versa.

    Thanks for your tips.

    PS: my OS is Windows 7

    Best regards.

    devil (johner)
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  2. Marsia Mariner
    For Firefox and Seamonkey:

    I don't use Chrome or Chromium.
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  3. @ Marsia Mariner

    Hi. Thanks for your help!

    I could find some other things too.





    I do not have tested this tutorials yet. So, I do not know if they work or not.

    If you have more tips about the subject, it will be nice.

    Best regards.

    devil ( johner )
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