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    How can you merge video files in Vidcutter?
    Because in the description it states, that Vidcutter is good for joining videos, but I can found options only for cutting videos...

    Thank you for your reply!
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    I think when they say merge they mean cut a piece of video out then merge they remaining segments into one video, not merge two separate videos.
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  3. Hi there,

    Since v4.0.0 you can merge/join externally added videos in addition to any clips you have marked to be cut via the main controls. BUT this is restricted to videos being the same format which the app will check and specify why it could not proceed with the join. So if you videos are of the same format, primarily similar codec and most importantly, same frame size, then it will work. Just use the new add button at the bottom of the Clip Index on the right. This can be used without any video preloaded so it serves as a standalone video joiner, but only for direct-stream/copy style joins so as to avoid the need to reencode videos which is outside the app's scope and for that you should really be using a more traditional video editor.

    Hope that helps! Cheers,
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