To anyone who might find this useful...

The most typical batch processing task you'll find here on VideoHelp may look like this:
1. Find files (*.mkv) in some folder.
- define an input folder
- define file extension(s)
2. Do some processing with, say, ffmpeg.
- set CLI program path (C:\Some\Folder\ffmpeg.exe)
- define output folder.
- define output file name.
- process found file with said program.

While most of you will have no trouble writing your own batch scripts from scratch or managing a sizable collection of batch scripts for every conceivable task, some of us may want something simpler and less cumbersome to use.

In contrast, AutoBatcher (a batch file generator) can be operated in four steps:
1. Select "Input Folder".
2. Select "Output Folder".
3. Select an existing "Preset".
4. Click "GO".

Though creating a preset from scratch will require some knowledge of batch scripting, the most typical commands can be learned through AutoBatcher's presets.

Notable Presets:

Irfanview Slide Show
M3U Music Play List
Search and TeraCopy Movies (with log file)
Make Movies LOUDER (AAC in MKV)
Make Movies LOUDER (MP3 in AVI)
VTT to SRT (SubRip subtitle)
Extract subtitles from MKV
MP4 + SRT into MKV
Enhance Dull Pictures
Video Encode Example
BatFunk's ffprobe functions and batchlog example 2 (pipe-delimited batchlog)
Fix Portrait Videos (vertical videos)
M3U Video Play List - Long Videos Only (duration greater than 1 hour)
M3U Video Play List - Short Videos Only (duration less than 1 hour)

Included with AutoBatcher is BatFunk which was written specifically to complement AutoBatcher. With BatFunk, your generated batch files can now perform mathematical operations, pause/sleep for x seconds, compute elapsed time, make a decision using 'iif', and probe a video for information (e.g. width, height, duration, etc.).

Please note that AutoIt has had a bad wrap with antivirus software and that a compiled AutoIt script will most likely generate false positives. So, please feel free to: Download this Source-Code-Only Version, inspect for malicious code, and compile it yourself.

Download here: