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  1. hello all

    i have been looking for a video upscaler (composite to hdmi) the ones i have tryd have helped alot but im needing one that does not have any on screen display features and doesnt show any text at all on screen while capturing .... can anyone help on this issue please
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    Your nomenclature is confused.
    Composite - to - HDMI is a converter (format + analog-to-digital).
    Depending on what the destination/target dimensions are supposed to be, you may or may not need a scaler.
    A scaler is a device that changes the dimensions and quasi-resolution (though not REAL resolution), up or down.
    Scalers, converters, and capturing devices can all be tied together, or be completely separate and independent.

    You don't explain why you need what you need. Doing so would better clarify your issues and allow us to better help you.

    Btw, most scalers, capturers, & converters don't overlay text unless they are a special added feature and you have engaged them (or unless it is a trial item and it is a watermark).

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