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  1. Hi!
    Could you please help me in choosing all needed lens (the best ones) for my SONY A7S for shooting a video like this:
    I would be very grateful for every advice.
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    Are you rich? This one should cover it.
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    It always depends on the kind of shots (and effect) you want to achieve.
    If you literally want somethings that match your example, you will certainly want primes over zooms, as hardly any of those shots are zoom shots plus the bokeh looks more like primes would create.
    Those shots are often short depth of field, so you would need fast lenses (low/wideopen maximum fstop). Most of the shots tend to the telephoto so you would want to favor that end of the range (70mm, 105mm, 200mm...).
    The BEST cinematic lenses are NOT Sony lenses, nor with Sony mounts, so you would need to look at lenses that have a PL mount and then get a PL to Sony adapter ring.

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