welp, I guess I've hit a roadblock. I'm trying to get 10-bit color to display correctly in my collection of hi10p videos on my media pc. I'll start with my config:

PC: i3 dual core, 8gb ram, gtx 560 ti
OS: Windows 10 64-bit Creators Update
GPU Driver Version: 382.33
Output: HDMI (direct to TV)
TV: Sharp LC52LE825U (Sharp Aquos Quattron 52 inch) - set to standard with all effects turned off
Nvidia CP: 1080p @60hz, truecolor(32-bit), RGB, 12BPC, full dynamic range
Media Playback: Potplayer 64-bit + MadVR (set to 10 bit under madvr>devices>Properties, colorspace set to auto)

when I try to change colorspaces, only yv410 4:4:4 shows 10-bit when it press ctrl+J. If I select auto, it shows NV12 8 bit, and RGB32 shows RGB32 8 bit. all colorspaces show visible banding in the 16 bit PNG test pattern I found from google. when compared to the PNG loaded in whatever win10's photo viewer app is called (probably just "photos") it looks noticeably different than in potplayer, though it too shows banding, perhaps because of DWM (or so I've read in other threads, though they may not have been talking about win10).

First, I'd like to verify that my TV is truly a 10 bit panel, or if it just accepts 10 bit input, I could not find such information online. If it really is a 10 bit display, how can I fix my issue?

As well, I'll be happy to provide any other details/specs if required,

PS: can't wait to buy a 4k 10 bit monitor for my gaming system!