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    I bought a big box of Blu-ray and to avoid manipulating the discs each time I decided to make a copy of a quadrophonic album on a BD-R. I realized that the publishers did not do their job properly. The tracks start 1 second too late when you skip tracks (missing first notes literally), and it end prematurely about 30 seconds before the end of the album. Some report that when ripping to flac, you'll have the missing 30 seconds. So it should be there I guess.

    The m2ts track last 00:51:59.579 (according to tsMuxer). On the original disc, it cuts at 51:11.

    I managed in BDedit to change the playlist, but I can not change the end sequence of the m2ts, in SequenceInfo -> present. end it still at 1:01:11.485 (presentation start at 10 min. don't know why).

    I tried tsMuxer but it's worse, it cuts at 51:09 and the file change size from 5 Gb to 2 Gb. I feel that it is the programs that cut because the end is only faint sound of drops of water.

    Is their a way to force clipinfo to end at the real end of the m2ts?

    Thank you all in advance for helping.
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    sorry. bump.

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