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    Hi all,

    Have a representative sample here of about 60hours (!) of video I'm looking to encode. I am still fairly new to the process but now have QTGMC working with avisynth in virtualdub and have done many encodes in the past with handbrake. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for this source (huffy avi). It's fairly dark with some noise - pretty much the whole 60 hours have lecturers in front of the same background with both close-up and distant shots (both represented in this sample) . It's from 14 VHS tapes total, so they range in quality, some are a bit cleaner than others. Some the colors seem a bit faded. So my questions are:

    1) Should I deinterlace via interpolation with a double frame rate?
    2) Should I consider a denoiser, maybe the one built into QTGMC?
    3) Any other suggestions for the source?

    Each tape has 5 or 6 45-min lectures, so I'm looking to split those into ~1000kbps mp4 files as the end result.

    Thanks much!
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  2. The single best thing you could do is go back and recapture the tapes with a line TBC.
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