There is an active topic, which I have contributed to, that discuses current downloading from BBC i-player.

True that the discussion got somewhat OT and some posts were deleted.

The simple fact remains, deleted from the topic, is that the user/downloader must be a holder of a valid uk-tv broadcasting licence and there was a dialogue box to that effect when you accessed the service.

The conditions of use are about to change inasmuch that the user/downloader must also register at the BBC for an account - name and Post Code must be provided in the registration process - before he/she can access the service. Theoretically, this should exclude the simple use of a VPN to access/download.

But I have a more fundamental question. The forum rules under 'Fair Use' state...

"Fair use DOES NOT APPLY TO rentals or borrowed media or streaming tv to everyone."

The BBC i-player is a catch-up service but can also be used to watch a live tv broadcast. All such programs be them live or recorded for catch-up origin from BBC television. And surely if one views them online they are now streaming. The i-player is the short form of internet-player

So the simple question is a clarification of the rule that surely IMHO discussion of downloading from i-player whether you have legitimate access to the service should not be permitted.