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  1. I want to set it back to predict left but no matter what I do, after I save it and reopen the dialog box to check it, it's always stuck back on predict median. Anything to do here? (VirtualDub, Win 7... )
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  2. And now on top of that I can't even direct stream copy the captured VHS Huffy, something i did 100s times before. It says something like

    The source video stream uses a compression algorithm which is not compatible with AVI files. Direct stream copy cannot be used with this video stream


    I have tried uninstalling and installing the kodec pack but nothing helps, all of the sudden nothing works as it had worked before.
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  3. The second one sounds like you opened it with ffmpeg plugin. Try selecting "audio/video interleaved" when you open the file.
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  4. Thanks shekh, that was it... what have I don to change the default setting... Anyway, do you happen to know perhaps where to set it back as the default?
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  5. Maybe there is something to change permanently if you tick "ask for extended options", if that plugin is ffmpeginputplugin.vdplugin
    Not sure what you have.
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