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  1. Be careful, the Skydigital device is flaky. So you will get from time to time BSOD because of conflicting IRQīs. Only put the device in the USB port if you want to make a record, after recording plug it off. If itīs not plugged in then it doesnīt harm your system. Good luck, perhaps your mainboard is more stable than mine, who knows?!
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  2. Originally Posted by end-user View Post
    Is there no such thing then as a device that converts TOSLINK DD AC3 5.1 output to DD LPCM 5.1 in line on the fly?
    I think my A/V receiver can take in AC3 via HDMI or SPDIF and spit it out as PCM over HDMI, but I dunno about channel limits.
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  3. Originally Posted by KarMa View Post
    If you don't know this already, your lossless HD captures are going to be pretty massive and in the 100GB range per hour.
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  4. XXXXX (or anyone else who knows about these things),

    I've connected my Skydigital U3.0 USB external capture card to my computer, downloaded the drivers and installed the Skydigital recording program version 2.0p2. I was able to download the ut video codecs, which automatically installed themselves within the Skydigital recording program as a choice. Is it possible to get other lossless codecs like MagicYUV, lagarith or huffyuv into the Skydigital recording software as a choice? I downloaded and installed those 3 codecs onto my computer as well, but they don't show up as a choice within the Skydigital recording program.
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    I believe those other codecs are based on Video For Windows and apparently Skydigital doesn't link to them. VirtualDub and AmaRecTV will.
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  6. Haven't tried recording yet, but the colors inputting into the Skydigital software display via HDMI are skewed heavily towards green.

    Remember, this is OTA broadcast material coming out of a DirecTV DVR. Could this be HDCP related? The signal is actually coming through, though. It's just in the wrong colors. [I currently have no HDCP stripper in line at this point.]
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  7. The Skydigital capture program is the only program which has the possibility to record AC3 audio + video. (NO other program) You must also use user defined settings in the recording program+select the right direct show lossless video codec, e.g. utvideo, see the already posted picture.
    Originally Posted by xxxxx View Post
    This is the setting that you must achieve.
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  8. jagabo, thanks for the great link to that old thread. It was very informative, especially the part about BT.601 vs. BT.709. Funny though, after I posted here, I shut down my computer,went to work for about 5 hours, and when I came back I turned on the computer all the colors that were skewed with a heavily green tint were now normal in the Skydigital display. I had already rebooted once before I posted earlier and it was still green. Now it looks great!

    XXXXX, yes thank you. I actually pulled up your screenshot early this morning and used it to enter the same settings into my Skydigital software. Thanks to you, I was able to get all of the utvideo codecs in there easily. Perhaps I posted prematurely, but after I rebooted the computer, Lagarith and MagicYUV codecs suddenly appeared in my encoding choices in the Skydigital software. I still don't have huffyuv in there, though. Do you (or anyone) know if I can just manually drag the huffyuv.dll file into a Skydigital folder to make it appear as a codec choice?

    Also, I assume that when given the choice, I should choose DMO over VCM. Is that correct?
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  9. There's no point in using Huffyuv for this purpose. It isn't as efficient or as fast as the newer codecs with modern hardware. Especially with HD.
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  10. The old 32 bit Huffyuv doesn't install properly on 64 bit Windows. You need to use a special procedure:

    I don't know if the 64 bit version works or not. But I agree, there's no need for huffyuv if you have all those other lossless codecs working.
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  11. The Skydigital software gives me the choice of choosing utvideo codec rec.709 VCM or rec.709 DMO. Which one should I choose?
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  12. AFAIK the author is supporting UT as a DirectShow (or DMO as he calls it) codec.
    VCM=also called "VfW codec"=Video for Windows
    I donīt know whatīs better for your needs, have a look yourself in wikipedia.
    I think that DMO is fine.
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