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    Originally Posted by chillcat34433 View Post
    ...I'd say probably 1 out of 3 ISO downloads has a corrupt vob file(s)....
    ISO downloads? That doesn't sound terribly legal. Are you familiar with the rules of this forum?
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  3. I'll edit my posting, I did not know of that rule, thankyou for pointing out.
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    Anyway, don't care about estimated lengths of VOB files. The estimations are usually wrong. No tool which doesn't read the IFO files will ever know for sure what a VOB file contains. The only relevant unit is the PGC (Program Chain), and this will only be known to applications which act like a DVD player.
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  5. I used MPEG Streamclip and let it select all the files in that folder and made 1 VOB file which is now converting to AVI at a normal file size.
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    This is a very common mistake (with newbies, I guess). VOB files are not *normal* media files. They are not meant to be played or converted on their own. They only make sense when they're a part of a DVD file structure (see "What Is -> DVD" in this site).

    As said, all the information about VOB contents is in the corresponding IFO file. So, any software used to play or convert the DVD contentes has to gather the relevant info from the IFO.

    You have to understand that a DVD Video Title Set (VTS) may contain different PGCs, angles, languages, subtitles, and the contents usually span across VOBs. All that information is in the IFO file. This means that, if you try to play or convert a VOB directly you may end up with something very strange. On the other hand, if your VTS is very simple, you may get lucky.

    As a conclusion, if you want to convert a VOB's content (or part of it), use a software that converts from DVD to whatever you want.
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