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  1. Hi guys

    I want to upload a 1.3 gig mts avchd video 1920 x 1080 (about 1hour 3 minutes) to youtube.

    Does anyone if there is a way to upload the video in parts so that a single part of only 300MB without breaking the video up in smaller parts prior to up loading ? Can I ask youtube to upload only a small part of the video? Let's say the first 15 minutes ?

    My internet connection Ain't the fastest and tends to have periods of very low upload speed sometimes causes the whole download to fail .
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  2. What you want won't happen. You can break it up yourself into 300MB chunks and upload them all separately. Then you can create a playlist so they all play sequentially, more or less as a single video. Otherwise, maybe put it on a flash drive and take it to a friend's house - someone with a better connection - and upload it from there.

    I take it you already have permission to upload videos longer than 15 minutes?
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