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    New to the forum

    I am currently using filebot to rename all my movies etc. This runs a powershell script. Works very well. One thing I have noticed is that filebot dose not update or even remove / clear the metadata i.e title.

    I would like a command line based tool to remove the metadata. FFmpeg was suggested but the command I used appears to need an in file and a outfile.

    MP3tag works instantly but requires me to fire up the software,

    Any help would be great

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  2. So you've already worked out how to do it with one file and just want to know how to batch the process? To process all mp4 files in a folder:

    for %%F in (*.mp4) do ffmpeg  -i "%%F" [other args] "%%~dpnF.cleaned.mp4"
    The will process each file and produce a new file: original.mp4 --> original.cleaned.mp4. You'll have to supply the arguments.
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