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  1. Okay I've got one of these dual movie Bluray discs. All I want to do is copy the specific movie that I want to another blank disc. I've already got some 50 GB discs. Every method I've tried is either too complicated to understand or simply fails. Lines on the screen or pixelation.

    I know AnyDVD will do the job but it doesn't make much sense to spend $99.00 when I don't do this sort of thing very often.

    I want to rip the movie while including the main menu so when I insert my disc into my player the first thing that I will see is the main menu.

    Any ideas?
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  2. Nope. MakeMKV does not preserve the menu.
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    Dvdfab has a free HD DECRYPTER version to copy your movie.
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    Originally Posted by 357mag View Post
    Nope. MakeMKV does not preserve the menu.
    It does if you do File > Back Up.
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  5. The problem is then I'm gonna end up with all these folders and both movies and now I gotta figure out what to save and what not to.
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