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  1. hi everyone !
    im trying to fix what i think is blended material (not even sure) and im having a hard time doing it.
    i tried using BlendBob but i'm pretty sure i dont know how to use it...

    i uploaded a sample in attachments!

    anyone can guide me on how i can fix this source?

    EDIT: I'm using MeGUI (so its avisynth-compatible !)

    thanks alot !
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    There are some blends, however, using bob (I used yadif mode=1) followed by srestore produced frame rate of 23.976 but
    left the blends still visible. It may be a hopeless case, but others with Avisynth wizardry beyond mine may have some more suggestions ...
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  3. Yeah, i tried playing with yadif but the blends are still visible, and i dont know what would do the trick beside this.
    Thanks for trying ! Im still open to suggestion if somebody have an idea !
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