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    Free pickup (no shipping cost) at Walmart store. The price on this product seems to vary like the stock market, but this is the cheapest I've seen. Also, easy to return for full refund if you don't want it.
    I bought an earlier version about a year ago and it is still working good. One obvious difference between this one and the earlier one is that this one has the power supply outside of the unit. Maybe they made some other improvements, for example on the unit I have, sometimes the audio is very noticeably off sync from the video. Also, on the one I have, the closed captions don't display if you are recording (if you have old style tube TV) and also don't display on the recording. I am curious if they fixed these problems with the newer model.
    Records to USB stick and also plays any type of video/audio file that you may get from your computer.
    Closed captions can easily be extracted to srt from recordings using a computer. One-touch recording and timer recording (like vcr), and EPG (list of upcoming TV shows). The space used on the USB stick for 1-hour recordings is about 5GB for full HD TV shows. I use Vidcoder on any recordings I want to keep long term (reducing file size so 1 hour recording uses about 500MB). Connects to TV with rf cable, RCA cables or HDMI cable.
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