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  1. Hi, it seems I have to resume my quest for subtitling videos, because many videos that I have to work with come with subtitles in English embedded at the bottom and I need to put portuguese subtitles in the top and I can't find a good program, that works well, to edit this. Vidcoder works well to convert but I can't edit position or anything and this is important. Any other suggestions for good products in this field? also tried Premiere Elements and a few others.
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  2. aegisub

    Or if you already have text based subs like srt, you can convert to ass and control the position

    What other features or control over editing do you need ?
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  3. Thanks for replying, I think I need just positioning, font and background control (opaque / transparency level)... and I am looking for a software that doesn't require a lot of technical knowledge...none of the products I have tried work properly, either they can't import the videos due to codec problems or they don't have the level of control that I need...
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