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  1. I am looking for a online subtitling site that I want to use internally within my productions and share with my crew.

    I liked but I need to install it on my server and my recent communication through their online form hasn't resulted in any reply. Does anyone know who the creators are? I can try to message them through LinkedIn or Facebook.

    Otherwise, are there any other online open source subtitling websites?

    I like, but I don't see a way of installing their subtitling solution for myself.
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  2. From what I see amara and 'subtitle-horse' both looks like a web based 'Subtitle Edit' version.

    Do I get this right you are looking for an online subtitle site which will share their livelihood with you? (or alternatively a open source project from which you can copy the code for an web based subtitle editor ?)

    Does anyone know who the creators are?
    come on, they got their address and a contact form on their home page. -> try their contact form, in case they do not reply, assume they don't want to get in contact with you

    Personally I would probably:
    a. try IBMs Watson through their api to create a base transcription of the audio.
    b. write something like web based 'Subtitle Edit' on my own.
    so that the user uploads their video, internally the audio get's transcribed by Watson, and then the user gets a notification that he can correct and adjust the translation&co using the web interface.

    Atm. it looks like your are just looking for an online version of something like 'Subtitle Edit' (a web based subtitle editor/creator).
    And googling for web based subtitle editor should show up a few sites, may be one of them is willing to sell the back-end of the site.
    Otherwise: hire a web developer or find someone who has the time and motivation to write your own web based subtitle editor/creator.

    -> seems to me you are not looking for an online subtitle creator/editor site, but the source code / framework / back-end of such a site.
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