Region-Free "Hack" for the Sylvania SDVD1032

Test machine:
Sylvania SDVD1032, Mfg date Oct. 2015

Curtis International, Ltd. in Toronto, Canada.

Thanks to whomever posted the Acoustic Solutions DS-5701 hack listed earlier.

I discovered it by the expedient of trying every single hack that didn't require controls or settings that didn't exist on my machine. I hit pay-dirt with the DS-5701.
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1. The unit's remote.
2. The unit powered off using the on-off switch on the side of the unit

This works if the DVD door on the top is open or closed.

1. Turn on player and wait for "No DVD" to show on the screen
2. On the remote, select "Setup".
3. Using the "down" arrow, go to the "Preferences" menu.
4. Enter 1,3,8,9. You wil see a band across the center of the screen showing the currently programmed region.
5. Use the up or down arrows on the remote to select the desired region from 0 to 6. (0 = Region Free)
6. Press "Enter" to make the selection permenant.
7. Power down the machine using the on-off switch on the side.

RCE region coding note:
If you have difficulties playing RCE (Region Code Enhanced) DVDs, use the same method to select the actual region of the DVD you want to play.

Info about RCE region coding can be found here:

Optional update:
Note: This is NOT REQUIRED to view DVD's on the built-in screen.

After changing the region to "0", you may wish to return to the preferences page and set the external TV output to either "NTSC" or "PAL". This should allow both PAL and NTSC disks to play on either kind of television. I am also assuming that a setting of "Auto" "Automatically" formats the output to the kind of DVD you're viewing. (i.e. Region 1 disks are NTSC, Other regions probably use PAL/SECAM.)

Note that I have *not* tried using this player attached to an external TV. I am assuming that if you set the "TV type" to the kind of TV you're using it will "automagically" transcode the video from the DVD to what is required to play on the TV. I do not know that this is true, however it is very common and it should work.

This DVD player suposedly supports macrovision, I have not yet found a hack to bypass it.

Updates and corrections would be gratefully appreciated.

Jim "JR"