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  1. I have a two part question:

    1) I have a DVD with various songs on a single VOB but I just want to extract each song into its own VOB and was wondering if there was a way to do it without actually re-encoding each individual song.

    2) On the same DVD, one song cuts in the middle from one VOB file and continues on another VOB file. Is there a way to join that song from those two VOBs into a single VOB? Again preferably without re-encoding or conversion.

    Thanks for any info.
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  2. Assuming it doesn't have any advanced copyright protection, open the DVD in DVDDecrypter set up in IFO Mode. You'll see the list of chapters and you can choose one, give it a destination and transfer it to the hard drive. Ordinarily for this kind of DVD, each chapter is a song. Also, in Tools->Settings you can set it up to extract all the chapters (songs) at the same time.

    There's also a chance each song is it's own title, but opening the DVD in IFO Mode in DVD Decrypter will, by default, show you the longest title (song) so you just change around to the various songs. That kind of set up is rare.

    Your second question is meaningless.
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    Indeed.....CHAPTERS are the key. Stop messing with VOB files.
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  4. You can load multiple VOB files into Mpg2Cut2, mark starting and ending points, then export them as MPG files.
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