Would like to attempt to dub from VHS to DVD two movies my wife has on 1 VHS to 2 separate DVDs. It appears that the Sanyo unit does not have this feature while our older Panasonic does. These movies are 2:52 and 1:40. The Panasonic with the GUI feature allows for entry of exact time to copy whereas the Sanyo allows copying in hour increments I believe. Does anyone know if there is a way to dub on the Sanyo like the Panasonic procedure??. The attempt on the Sanyo required me to dub for 3 hours giving me 8 minutes of the second movie she does not want (that goes onto a 2nd DVD later). Perhaps there is a unit out there that has this GUI feature?? The Sanyo is an FWZV475F and the Panasonic is a DMR-ES35V. THANX for any response!!!