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  1. Marsia Mariner
    GCC 7.1.0 has been officially released. This is a Windows build, to be used with an MSYS2 environment.
    It should be compatible with the inclusion of ffms in the 64-bit builds of x264.exe.
    So far, I tested it only with the latest x265 source-code, and "everything went fine".
    But YMMV, of course.

    Normally I share my GCC .7z archives at Mediafire, but because Mediafire is refusing new uploads ,
    I decided to share this one through Videohelp. Download, unrar, profit.
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  2. Marsia Mariner

    Originally Posted by Marsia Mariner View Post
    ........ Mediafire is refusing new uploads
    Just tried to upload with IE11, and this time the uploads happened normally.
    Mediafire has added new Javascript fäggötry to their site, so that now the uploads fail with Seamonkey -_-

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  3. oh my god. you just saved me a lot of pain. i have a problem that is apparently only solvable with style via c++17's variant, which is only available on g++-7, which is only available on experimental linux repos, but nowhere on windows if you do not want to compile it yourself. which i tried and failed with some error i have not found a solution for.
    this is a rather interesting place to upload such things
    but, god bless you or something for doing it anyway. my code works now (or at least the mentioned problem is solved).
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  4. Marsia Mariner

    You're welcome ^_^
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