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  1. I opened DVDFab for the first time in a few months and it prompted me to update; it updated to and I popped in one of my DVDs and it scanned it but when I went to rip it it said DVD Copy Trail Version Expired. I merely have Main Movie selected. DVDFab's forum won't let me post even after having the account forever.

    Everything worked fine before using just HD Decrypter by clicking Try Now. I don't know how to get this to work now. At this point it's just prompting me to burn with Nero or ImgBurn and I'm not seeing how to set it back. I tried to download those two programs and they look really fishy with their "download installers" and multiple vague Download buttons.

    Now what? Am I screwed? Is there no free way to rip my DVDs anymore?
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    Are these new release movies ??
    The free version of dvdfab lags behind in terms of
    Decryption updates for new release movies.
    When the trial version expires dvdfab should revert to
    The free HD DECRYPTER version.
    Also make sure that your Internet connection is working.
    DVDFab requires internet to decrypt dvds & blurays.
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