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  1. I am trying to backup a Warner Bros DVD, it goes from WB logo -> Country Menu (like this one) -> Main Menu.
    I find this Country Menu very irritating, what I want to do is to go from WB logo (which I want to keep) to the Main Menu.
    I already blanked all the copyright warning cells in various languages but that menu is still there and I have to click on a button to go to the Main Menu.
    I tried to auto-activate a button with PGCEdit but it's a still menu and this option is not available.

    Any idea?
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  2. check what code is run if pressing your country button, using Trace Mode and then Step function (manually click step by step, that STEP -> button in bottom left corner) while navigating DVD in PGCEDIT, save it, write it down, copy it,
    then instead of jumping into that menu PGC, jump into new dummy PGC , where in pre-command section you just write that code, then jump where that country button would jump,
    that sound easy but the key is to have that right, correct code, you just need to figure it out, it might be really easy hopefully, that programmers did not spread that code all over other PGC's, while jumping between them for a while, this is quite normal
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  3. Do you think the trace log could help?
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  4. Shouldn't be hard. Turn on the Trace and trace to where you want to begin. Toggle a PGC pre/post breakpoint. Trace to there again and go PGC->Jump to PGC upon DVD insert. There's a guide, but the GUI has changed considerably since it was written and it's easier to just do what I wrote than to follow the guide:

    The Macro tab mentioned in the guide is now the PGC tab.
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  5. Hi manono,
    that guide (which I have used a couple of times) is not what I need, I want to keep the WB logo that plays before the Main Menu.
    The method you suggest would bring me directly to the Main Menu.
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  6. You're right and I completely ignored what you wrote about keeping the Warner logo. I apologize. Then follow _Al_'s instructions.

    However, since I'm no good with menu commands, I'd do it as I described followed by extracting the logo as a little mini-DVD (or reauthor it in Muxman as a mini-DVD), and then re-adding it as a First-play video using PGCEdit. But maybe that's a little convoluted and not nearly as elegant as _Al_'s method.
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  7. It's ok, nothing to apologize for

    I did a quick test following _Al_'s method and it seemed to work but I wouldn't want to mess the DVD structure so I need to make another test paying more attention at what I am doing.

    Your Mini-DVD method sounds interesting, would you elaborate a little more?
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  8. Originally Posted by Instant Martian View Post
    Your Mini-DVD method sounds interesting, would you elaborate a little more?
    It's simple to do. Extract the Warner logo. PGCDemux can do that. You want both the video (M2V) and the audio (AC3), if any. Reauthor using Muxman to make a little DVD. You need an IFO for what comes next. Then take your 'fixed' DVD that goes right to the menu you want and have it open in PGCEdit. In PGCEdit, up at the top is the 'Title' tab. Click on it and then 'Import First-play (startup) clip'. Follow the easy instructions from there. The result will be the Warner logo playing and then going to the menu you want. No messing around with adding or editing menu commands as PGCEdit will do all that for you.
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  9. I did a little test but modified your method slightly: I extracted the WB logo with VobBlanker then created the IFOs with IFOEdit (no demuxing-remuxing this way), then the PGCEdit part.
    It works but the WB clip is repeated twice.
    I'll keep this method in mind (in case I won't be able to follow _Al_'s method).
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  10. Originally Posted by Instant Martian View Post
    It works but the WB clip is repeated twice.
    Hehe, then it's following some previous command. Blank out the earlier WB logo and the language menu as well. Nothing happens to the commands but since there's nothing to play, it'll go next to the menu you want.
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  11. Why not simply use PGC -> Kill PGC Playback?

    - Select the menu in the left pane.
    - Call PGC -> Kill PGC Playback.
    - After two dialog boxes, the menu viewer will be opened. Select the button you would select normally. (In your case, select your country, or whatever you prefer.)
    - Click Kill Playback.
    - You will be offered the option to blank the PGC. Accept.
    - Done. The menu should have been converted to a dummy.

    Optionally, you can even regain the disc space occupied by the (now unreferenced) menu cell with FixVTS or VobBlanker (but it's almost useless for a still menu).

    Note that this method doesn't work if the PGC contains other menus or clips you want to keep, but it's a very rare case.
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  12. Learn something new every day. Thanks.
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  13. Wow, so PGCEDIT has a functions to do exactly to do that. That your software is a heck of a tool, if there is no function, it can be done manually changing codes, I wish this thing was around in 2000 or so. Who'd need Scenarist and such. We would just assemble DVD's with movies and menus without links and then just write codes within PGCEDIT.
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  14. Thanks for your positive appreciation.

    The Kill PGC Playback macro works with any PGC with video content, including the menus. It is based on the old method of copying the post-commands to the pre-commands, but unlike the original method (invented by 2COOL), it takes care also of the gotos, jumps and breaks commands as well as the cell commands. For the menus, it simulates the press of the button selected by the user. As far as I know, the method works now on all PGCs with maximum a single cell with buttons, and even on most PGCs with several menu cells (as long as the user doesn't select a button that jumps to another cell of the same PGC).

    It is also possible to skip a lot of PGCs in a row with the trace, but it's less automatic. Trace to the "starting point" of the part of the DVD to skip. Clear the registers (with Trace menu -> State -> Clear 'Registers Changed' flags), then continue to trace up to the "ending point", where the nav should resume. Then you can copy the registers that have changed since the starting point and their new contents as VM commands (with Trace menu -> Clipboard -> Copy Changed Registers as commands), and paste them as the pre-commands of the "starting point" PGC. After that new commands, simply add a jump to the "ending point" (or, if the target PGC is not in the same VTS, bounce to it through a new VMGM PGC), and voila: the part between the starting and ending points will now be skipped automatically, and the content of the registers will be restored so that the nav can continue without problem.

    Of course, with that method, nothing is blanked. The navigation is just redirected to bypass useless content quickly.

    In fact, this method is similar to the Jump to PGC upon DVD Insert macro (that is a simplified version of this method, assuming that the starting point is the FP-PGC). And the big difference is that you have to do the job manually!
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  15. Originally Posted by _Al_ View Post
    That your software is a heck of a tool
    Indeed! It's the Swiss Army knife for DVD editing.

    Thank you for your suggestion, I wish I knew this before
    After I click the "Kill Playback" two dialog boxes pop-up:
    Do you want to remove also Programs and Cells from the PGC?
    Do you want to remove the VOB file VTS_02_0.VOB (and all IFO's references to it)?
    Do I have to answer Yes to both and then run FixVTS?

    Btw, thanks for the interesting trick suggested in post #14, could be useful in the future.
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  16. The first dialog offers you to convert the current PGC to a dummy. IMO, unless you want to keep the video for whatever reason, it's always a good thing to accept it, since the video will never be played.

    The second dialog appears only if the menu PGC you are killing is the last one with video content in the current VTSM domain, and you have accepted the first dialog. And if you answer yes to the two dialogs, the whole menu VOB is deleted (as well as its references in the IFO), so you don't have to run FixVTS. It is never mandatory to run FixVTS or VobBlanker after having used Kill Playback, even when the VOB has not been deleted. The IFOs are correct after that modification. However, if you remove the PGC cells but you don't see the second dialog or you answer no to it, then you may want to run FixVTS (or VobBlanker) on the current domain (or on the whole DVD) to regain the disc space. The FixVTS pass is only necessary for that reason. Note that a Title PGC must have video content, so you will not see that dialogs if you kill the playback of a PGC in a VTST domain.

    Anyway, as I wrote above, deleting a still menu (especially if it has no audio) will not regain much disc space. I'll do it only if you need to shrink a DVD-9 to burn it on a DVD-5, or if the DVD-5 is almost full. In all other cases, keeping the useless video doesn't hurt.
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  17. Thanks to all who replied, thanks to r0lZ for his help.

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