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    Running into a problem here. Im currently putting together a dvd on DVD Studio Pro and can't seem to find a way to have a menu where the viewer can select multiple menu options, hit a play button and then have the DVD only play those which are selected. For example, having a menu that asks "which of these 5 scenarios applies to you?" they pick lets say 1, 3, and 5 and then press a play button and are only shown that content- excluding 2 and 4. Seems like a multiselect menu of that kind would be easy to create but I'm having a great deal of troubling finding out how to do it (also quite new to the program) Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  2. I doubt that it is some sort of feature within that software, that those software programmers designed an effect and particular code structure, abstract layers to do that.

    It is quite difficult to do and VM command features need to be available. If DVD Studio Pro does not allow user to use user memory values, to set them, read them and use condition jumps you cannot design it yourself. That is called VMcommands in DVD authoring terminology. Basically it is simple machine code, similar like assembler a time ago. 8bit Atari programmers might remember

    Another level that complicates it even more is user visual feedback what was already selected. The way DVD navigation and video/audio non interactive setup work, you'd need to have number of menus that account for all possible combination of selections. That number is huge. Say if having just 3 selections it is 7 menus + VM code design. If having 5 selections , the number of menus would jump up to be 20-30, not sure. So you see, you can just strike that out as well. User would just select items, but without feedback what he has already selected.

    So to design only one menu with selections, you just might design it, together with buttons that would not have a particular link. Make just VIDEO_TS, not burn it, it it is possible at all with DVD Studio Pro. Transfer it to Windows PC. Load that VIDEO_TS into PGCEDIT and finish it there. VM command knowledge and DVD navigation structure knowledge is needed.
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