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  1. I've been playing around with handbrake for a week now, MP4 and MKV and all that stuff.
    I'm ripping DVDs and I need to know the best audio and video settings that I should use?
    I have tried most the presets, please help?
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  2. There's no such thing as 'best settings'. It at least partly depends on you - what quality you're comfortable with, your sources, what kind of filtering your sources need, and the like. You might begin by reading the documentation:

    And you can click on the Handbrake link in red and on the Handbrake page on this site are a number of links to guides for its use. 'God helps those that help themselves'.
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    What's wrong with the presets?

    I use VidCoder instead for my DVD conversions after decryption with AnyDVD HD. VidCoder is built on Handbrake,
    but maybe easier to use for some.

    I convert to MKV/H.264/AC3 as that suits my playback devices. If you use the CQ constant quality settings,
    you usually only need to decide on a CQ number. 20 is good quality, lower is better, but with a larger filesize.

    I use 18 with Detelicine on and constant framerate as I have plenty of room on my drives.
    Audio is AC3 passthrough. So usually no audio re-encodes.

    With my PC, it takes about 15minutes to convert to MKV directly from a DVD disc. I like the quality.

    And welcome to our forums.
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  4. Thanks for replying, so my source is 576p and AC3 audio, 192bitrate audio, 25 frames per second

    45 min on the MKV preset equals to 1GB RF 20

    Would I lose much quality using rf 22 and using a lower audio bitrate or should I just stay with the presets?
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  5. Originally Posted by PleaseSayHi View Post
    Would I lose much quality using rf 22 and using a lower audio bitrate or should I just stay with the presets?
    Only you can answer that. It depends on your tolerance for crap. I use CRF 18 for my own encodes. Make one at 22 and judge for yourself. Once you find the preset and CRF value that satisfies you, then all the rest of your conversions can be done the same way. To lower the size for the same CRF value you could resize to a lower resolution, if your main consideration is smaller files. In this day and age of cheap storage, though, I can't really understand the need to do anything with the DVD unless there's something wrong with it to begin with. You could put the DVD in an MKV container using MakeMKV and no encoding is done. Same quality as the DVD.
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  6. So I've decided on the H.264 MKV 576p25 preset in handbrake with AAC audio.
    And the output looks good.
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