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  1. way to Rigel 7 cornemuse's Avatar
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    I ripped Mechanic Ressurection and got: Opening credits, ok, (1 minutes ), then again, ok, at about 2/3rds of movie, a long black stretch several minutes, section of movie skipped, continue movie to end credits, then, that skipped section of the movie.
    All there, just outta order. (rip w/ anydvd -> dvdshrink to movie only) (tried fixvts, same issue)

    Also, 'The Sea of Trees' would not rip properly, got a black screen with (turned on chapter/time on media player) each chapter about one second long, chapters tik tik tik to end, all black screen.
    Interesting thing 'Trees' dvd properties = 8 gigs, open & properties of video_ts = about 78 gigs, but copy/paste video_ts to hdd took about what it takes to transfer 8 gigs. Open video_ts, select all, copy & paste, took 45 min - 1hr. (<-just experimenting!)
    Had to watch movie from dvd. Tried dvdpasskey lite, same problem/results.


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  2. Mod Neophyte Super Moderator redwudz's Avatar
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    The first film is a Lionsgate film and that's apparently part of their protection, scrambling up the scenes.
    I've seen this on some of their Blu-rays. On a BD, you can sometimes use a different .mpls from the playlist and
    tsMuxeR to get the correct file. Some, I just give up and play from the disc instead of backing up to MKV.
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    Try the latest version of dvdfab 10
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