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    I record sports scenes.
    I mount the GoPro in a static location.
    I choose 720p/60FPS.

    It has to be far, due to obstruction issues. (Camera can't be on the field)
    Often, I need to crop out 1/2 of the display to zoom into the action.
    The resulting video is total garbage. It's grainy like something from 1967.
    It's an utter embarrassment. The result is very grainy.

    I think I need higher megapixels, in order to have a quality cropped video.
    What sort of category of recorder am I looking at?
    I don't even know where to begin. 4k?

    Yes, GoPro is the wrong camera for anything besides POV footage.

    I need a DSLR that I can pre-zoom to crop the frame, right?
    This way, I do not need to crop afterwards. That is the key to clear video, right?

    My current DSLR only takes 32GB cards, and seems to stop after 7 mins.
    I need to take about 30 mins. of continuous footage.

    So, should I get a DSLR or a "camcorder" ?
    What are the pros and cons?
    If I am using a real lens and do not have to crop, do I need 4k ?

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    DSLRs are magnificent "2nd" cameras for short shots. even new ones that can record for longer durations may suffer from the sensor overheating. they are also better used for fixed focus shots as their autofocus capabilities are wanting. for long shots of moving subjects a decent videocam is the way to go.
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    It is a fixed focus shot. Think of filming something like a drama or band stage.
    I need it sort of wide, since people are close. I will not be zooming or panning.

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