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  1. I have six files, all generated on a Mac, all with the same specifications.
    Files were generated on Final Cut Pro 6 (with some updates to 7.03).
    I remember that last year I had something similar, I beleieve I downgraded my Quicktime to make it work. I've tried Quicktime 6.3 and 7.4.5, but that didn't work.

    Operating on a Windows I need to read these files to convert them to a different file, but none of the programmes / codecs seem to be able to read the file.

    I had Quicktime 7.78, I tried Quicktime Alternative. I have an up-to-date Klite pack. I tried various separate codecs. Everything is still the same.

    Videoinspector shows the files as corrupt, while Mediainfo just spurts the below information. Any ideas as what to do?

    Complete name : H:\
    Format : MPEG-4
    Format profile : QuickTime
    Codec ID : qt 2005.03 (qt )
    File size : 158 GiB
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  2. have you tried installing the Avid codec LE ?

    That helped me when i couldn`t open a certain QT file ..although i can`t remember the exact QT file type i had
    might be worth a shot?
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  3. Nothing...
    Just thought to add that its an Apple Prores 422 MOV file.

    It works just fine on a Mac BTW, so the files are def OK.
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  4. And it wont play in the QT player itself? or VLC Player?

    A long shot..right click file and select properties and look at file permissions,I had this once when the file came from another computer.
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  5. Its most likely wrong setups in Final Cut Pro.
    Gone crazy with installing all kinds of codecs... still nothing.
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    Will one of the files open with MediaInfo?
    Google is your Friend
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