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  1. Hey guys! Am I the only one whos PP x64 crashes during an attempt to play any video file after the creators update? I have a current version and clean install of windows...also it does so on 2 different machines that I've tried...

    Any ideas?
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  2. Can you put it in Compatibility mode for say Windows 8 or 7?
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  3. Makes no difference...
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    probably not on microsoft's approved software list for win10

    never going there, i'll go back to linux first.
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  5. No problem here after the creators update,works fine....
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  6. You are not alone. This is happening to me as well. To reproduce the problem just try to drag a video file on the Potplayer icon , wait to open, close it, and repeat it with same or other video file. After 2, 3 times it crushes in windows 10. The solution I found for now is to adjust the compatibility to windows 8.
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