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  1. I have a source that I cannot tell if it needs chroma sharpening or if it is benefiting it or not. I see things I both like and dislike happen when I apply mergechroma(awarpsharp2(depth=4)) to the video.

    Some colors like red seem to get darker and some colors like gold seem to stop bleeding when used. I like that it appears to be removing the slight color bleed on the right of things, but I don't like that in some places darkens things a bit or introduces a tad bit of bleed on the opposite side it removed it from. Things are a lot easier to notice when zoomed in using a paint program.

    Would you say the chroma sharpening is fine and is benefiting it, or something I should pass on?

    No Chroma Sharpen = Top
    Chroma Sharpened = Bottom

    Click image for larger version

Name:	No Chroma Sharpen.png
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Name:	Chroma Sharpened.png
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Name:	No Chroma Sharpen 2.png
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Name:	Chroma Sharpened 2.png
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  2. I cant seem to get the reds to stop appearing as if they are bleeding out of place on the right side of things.

    Is there a problem with this CGI animation?

    Would a video sample be more sufficient?
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  3. If you have time to kill, use feisty2's chromareconstructor (slow) .

    Click image for larger version

Name:	chromareconstructor.png
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    original cropped, 2x zoom
    Name:  0_original,zoom2x.png
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    mergechroma(awarpsharp2(depth=4)) cropped, 2x zoom
    Name:  1_mergechroma(awarpsharp2(depth=4)),zoom2x.png
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    chromareconstructor, 2x zoom
    Name:  2_chromareconstructor,zoom2x.png
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  4. I never heard of it before, Ill look at it. Thanks for showing me something new to play with and try out.

    In the example given, it kind of looks like someone opened it in a paint program and painted a solid color over it. I dunno it kind of looks weird to me and or unnatural. Is this normal?
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  5. Keep in mind that YV12 video maintains chroma at half (each dimension) the resolution of the luma. So colors always bleed a little. And each time you change chroma subsampling (eg, YV12 to RGB or YUY2) you get more blurring/bleeding.
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  6. Originally Posted by killerteengohan View Post

    In the example given, it kind of looks like someone opened it in a paint program and painted a solid color over it. I dunno it kind of looks weird to me and or unnatural. Is this normal?

    You can adjust the settings lower . Or just keep the original as-is, it's not that bad

    The original animation before your source was done in RGB, the colors would have been razor sharp and perfect. Distribution formats are typically YV12 like jagabo said, so the color information is reduced in half width and height. That's why you always get some blurring . This filter attempts to reconstruct what the original 4:4:4 full color source (before your version) would have been. Of course it's far from perfect like all "chroma sharpening" approaches - it can make mistakes on some sections like any of the other methods and actually make some parts worse. The safest is just do nothing. And if you cannot tell if something is "benefitting" or not like your 1st post, then just do nothing it's faster
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  7. If you can live with final output as YV24 of RGB you can try something like:

    # YV12 source
    ConvertToYV24(ChromaResample="spline36") # Y, U, V all the same frame size now
    Y = last
    U = UtoY().aWarpSharp(depth=15).Sharpen(0.3) # sharpen U
    V = VtoY().aWarpSharp(depth=15).Sharpen(0.3) # sharpen V
    YtoUV(U, V, Y) # merge the sharpened U and V channels with the original Y
    # ConvertToRGB() # if necessary
    [Attachment 41324 - Click to enlarge]
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    Originally Posted by poisondeathray View Post
    The original animation before your source was done in RGB, the colors would have been razor sharp and perfect.
    Also, this show and the other Mainframe Entertainment productions were done at 576p25 with some interlaced video edits added in post.

    Shout! Factory's US ReBoot release is complete garbage, with mangled audio and insane aliasing on certain episodes. Despite only having perhaps 1% interlaced sections in the entire series run, whole episodes were deinterlaced and then slowed down to 23.976 with obvious pitch-shift artifacts. Even typically-clueless Amazon reviewers can hear it. People give them props for putting lots of effort into extras, which somehow makes it okay that the feature presentation of many of their releases is mangled.

    Unfortunately the only good PAL release is a series of out-of-print Russian DVD volumes I've never been able to track down despite the assistance of a Russian. And the audio on that is overdubbed in the classic Eastern European style.

    The saturation and color balance of the US release is also questionable, as the Russian DVDs (from some sort of component source) don't match.
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    I'm sorry to post on such an old thread, but I've been working on upscaling Reboot to 4K for a few months with a group on Discord. A couple others are the only ones left really pushing to finish this. And we're very close! But we're running into issues with the quality of all releases. We were able to purchase a copy of the Russian release thanks to some very helpful people. The image detail is leaps and bounds better than the US release, but the picture quality changes from episode to episode. Some have poor saturation, others have the wrong color range, while some are just completely wrong chroma/luma.

    Why am I posting here?
    I'd like to invite any of you still interested to join the Discord and open discussion with myself and anyone else willing to keep going. I see some great results here! I'd love to see your scripts if you happen to have them, and share what we've discovered to get the results below. Of course, if you'd rather reach out to me here I'll gladly be a middle man between what you might have to share and the Discord group.

    I look forward to hearing from you all!
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