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  1. I have a big video file (>8 GB) with an MPEG-4p10/AVC/h.264 encoded video part and an AC-3 encoded audio part.
    Both tracks are embedded in a *.mkv container.

    Since I need not such a high resolution and prefer smaller video files on my hard disk I want to re-encode it with Avidemux to a lower bitarate and MP3 as audio codec.

    Whenever I do this the resulting video is asynchronous.

    So sometimes the audio part is approx 9 seconds ahead, other only 4 seconds.

    Since I encoded with the same settings 50 other videos the used current Avidemux are correct.

    So I am searching for another way to produce a smaller video file.

    How can I achieve this?

    How do I de-mux the audio part with mkvmerge GUI from mkvtoolnix package?
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    Have you tried gMKVExtractGUI or mkvcleaver? Then mux back with mkvmergegui (part of mkvtoolnix).
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  3. If it becomes async it may be variable framerate (incl. irregularities like audio gaps). VidCoder and HandBrake seem to be able to handle those.
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