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  1. is the any of his option which affects the lines that he chooses ?
    in default it chooses all the lines
    say i only want is to affect the clear and distinctive black lines and not the ones that are like shadows
    here is an exmaple.

    notice how the shdowed edges are affected too.

    say i want it only to affect the black lines
    is there an "tweak" in the Hysteria filter? i wast able to find one
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  2. you can adjust the highthresh, lowthresh settings
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  3. Originally Posted by poisondeathray View Post
    you can adjust the highthresh, lowthresh settings
    well can you explain to me for what each one of them stands?
    i guess "pick from this rate to this rate blackness" but i dont know how to set the values
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  4. Use an editor like avspmod, and you can adjust the values to "see" what is happening. That's how you learn what the settings do

    lowthresh = Default(lowthresh, 6)
    highthresh = Default(highthresh, 20)
    showmask = Default(showmask, false)
    strength = Default(strength, 1.0)
    str = String(strength)
    usemask = Default(usemask, true)
    luma_cap = Default(luma_cap, 191)
    lc = String(luma_cap)
    maxchg = Default(maxchg, 255)
    lim = String(maxchg)
    minchg = Default(minchg, 0)
    thr = String(minchg)
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