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  1. Theres a CTRL+I shortcut for this app that displays time as runningtime/total time which i like . Lets say you've watched 5 mins of 40min file it will say 05:00/40:00. Something happened and now when i press it tells me the remaining and instead wil now show -35:00/40:00 telling me theres 35 mins left. I prefered it as it was. I'm searching inside the preferces and googling and cannot find why it happened and how to change it back
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  2. Simply left-click on the timer with the mouse cursor.
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  3. my man thats what im talking about
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    For anybody stumbling on this thread like I did, I'm using MPC-BE and right-clicking on the time changed this for me.
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  5. MPCPlayerUser900

    Thanks for this thread as I was annoyed by this problem and it helped.

    Just to clarify, for me right click worked. But right clicking on the timecode along your timeline display at the bottom right corner 00:00:00/00:0000

    Not in the top left in case you have info display enabled and its showing there. Thanks again
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