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  1. I'm a bit new to all this blu-ray authoring stuff. I'm trying to re-author an anime with subtitles, but the .SUP subtitles I've converted from .ASS files are not appearing when playing back the BDMV folder (in PowerDVD). This confuses me because multiAVCHD claims to support .SUP files.

    For the record, I'm converting the .ASS files to .SUP with PunkGraphicStream (, because it retains the original .ASS file styling.

    Also, I've tried using AVCHDCoder, and the subtitles appear perfectly there. The problem with AVCHDCoder, though, is that it's menu creation is not as versatile as multiAVCHD's.

    Again, I'm a little new to all this, so please bear with a little ignorance.

    Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.
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  2. Try avs2bdnxml. If you extract the sup from the AVCHDCoder output and in turn import them into multiAVCHD, do they work?

    Note on Blu-ray there are restrictions on the subtitle complexity just like there are for video. You shouldn't use any fancy animations or anything like that. Consider hardcoding.
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  3. Extracting them from the AVCHDCoder output worked. Weird. It's an extra step, but I guess it'll work. Thanks.

    My subtitles aren't using any flashy animations or anything like that. It's just that I have a particular font that I'm using, and I don't want the positioning and everything that I set up in Aegisub to get screwed up by other converter programs like easySUP. For that, I've found PunkGraphicStream works best.
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  4. Is CWCprime actually LoganX (banned) since s/he is asking essentially the same q?
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