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  1. Just wondering does anyone have a small example for a Qt based Vapoursynth viewer?

    Goal is just decode a Vapoursynth script, show it inside a QWidget and navigate. also has more that I need + doesn't compile at all and notes 'Abandoned. Use VapourSynth Editor instead. ' has way to many stuff, cutting code validation, code highlighting,... I only want a simple viewer.
    -> so does someone have some simple viewer code for Vapoursynth Scripts?

    (Background: wanted to see whether I could port MKV Cutter to Vapoursynth so that it could be used on Linux and Mac, but atm. it seems like to much hassle.)

    Cu Selur
    users currently on my ignore list: deadrats, Stears555
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  2. I made it work but using avfs.exe, playing it with QMediaPlayer, QGraphicsView etc., using pyqt5,
    problem LAV directshow filter must be used, which is pretty limited, because QMediaPlayer does not have any codes in it, they drop it since qt4 I think. At that time some vfw filter was there. Question is if that vfw would play 10bit video etc. So many questions.

    The way it suppose to be perhaps is using QImage and playing raw images or something, feeding and playing images , not video. Problem is I use Python, not C, I have a problem with vsscript manuals how to implement it. Playback might not be even necessary. Just comparing images/frames.

    So did you make it work yourself, if yes was it piping thru vspipe or vsscript using QImage etc. in short, using frames/images?
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  3. screenshot
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  4. haven't really send much time on it, I forked an old Vapoursynth Editor for Hybrid and use it there for preview, but I never found the time to adjust it for MKV Cutter.
    users currently on my ignore list: deadrats, Stears555
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